2022 – 2026

Electoral Areas In School District No. 85 (Vancouver Island North), under section 37 of the School Act, trustee elections in the following trustee electoral areas are the responsibility of the following authorities:

Zone 1:  District of Port Hardy, Area B, and the north part of Area C, including Coal Harbour, Quatsino, and the Reserves of the Quatsino, Kwakiutl and Gwa’sala-‘Nakwaxda’xw First Nations*. 

Zone 2:  Village of Alert Bay, the Village of Port Alice, and Area A, including the Reserves of the ‘Namgis First Nation and Whe-La-La-U Area Council.

Zone 3:  Town of Port McNeill, Area D and the south part of Area C, including Hyde Creek and Nimpkish Heights*.

* A legal description of the Area C division line is available at the school district office.


Local school trustee elections allow the community an important opportunity to lead and oversee our valuable investment in public education. During the election process, candidates generally outline their platforms and objectives if they were to be elected. By choosing the candidates with the ideals and qualities that are most acceptable to the electors, citizens can directly influence the nature of the community where they reside or own property. School trustees are hardworking community leaders who come together in the context of a board in support of student success. The work is demanding, but important and rewarding.

General local elections in B.C. are held every four years on the third Saturday in October. The next general local elections will be held on October 17, 2026. General local elections education materials are available online. To view information about local elections and to download electronic versions of the guides, brochures, and video content, please click HERE.

The British Columbia School Trustees Association (BCSTA) is a provincial voice for trustees and boards of education in B.C. It produces a guide for school trustee candidates that can be viewed HERE.

The School District and Regional District of Mount Waddington share the cost of a Chief Elections Officer. Mr. K Chuck Lok is the Chief Elections Officer for both School District No. 85 and RDMW for the 2022 elections.

The conduct of school trustee elections for specific Trustee Electoral Areas is the responsibility of certain municipalities. These are links to the municipalities’ election pages:

School Trustee Area 1 District of Port Hardy                                                                Ross Blackwell, Chief Elections Officer, 250-949-6665

School Trustee Area 2 Regional District of Mount Waddington                             K Chuck Lok, Chief Elections Officer, 250-956-3301

School Trustee Area 3 Town of Port McNeill                                                                Connor Mork, Deputy Chief Election Officer, 250-956-3111

You can read or download a copy of the School District Elections Bylaw if you would like further information about school trustee elections. Please contact the Chief Elections Officer at 250-956-3301 or the school district Secretary-Treasurer at 250-949-6618, extension 2222 if you have further questions.