Internal Postings are posted on all work site bulletin boards. VINTA applicants’ seniority and qualifications will be considered before a posting becomes available as an external posting. All teacher external postings are located on the Make a Future website.


Teaching applicants, please apply through the Make a Future website. To apply for a job posting:

  • Log into your Make a Future account
  • Ensure your documents are current
  • Search for the School District No. 85 job postings
  • Click the “apply” button

Applicants are encouraged to sign up for the Job Alert feature on Make a Future, in order to be emailed when we post external teaching jobs.



#25I: PHSS 0.25 FTE Continuing Careers Ed 8 and Rotations 8 Posted until filled or February 3, 2023

#33B: Teacher Teaching On-Call (TTOC) Closes: December 30, 2022

#35F: ABES 1.0 FTE Temporary Intermediate Classroom Teacher Posted until filled or June 30, 2023

#45D: PHSS 1.0 FTE Continuing Learning Assistance Resource Teacher (LART) Posted until filled

#51C: EVES 0.06 FTE Continuing Literacy Support Teacher Posted until filled

#53A: PHSS .014 FTE Temporary French 8 Posted until filled or February 3, 2023

#55A: NISS 1.0 FTE Temporary Pre-Cal 11,Pre-Cal 10 (2 Blocks), and Computers 8 Posted until filled or February 3, 2023

#58A: NISS 1.0 FTE Temporary – Kwak’wala Language 9-12 (1 Block), French 9-12 (1 Block), ELL (2 Blocks) Posted until filled or February 3, 2023


The Teacher Qualification Service website is designed for teachers working, or planning to work, in the public schools of British Columbia. The primary function of the TQS is to assist teachers and their employing school boards in establishing the qualifications of teachers for salary purposes. SD85 requires that all of its teachers hold a membership with the Teacher Regulation Branch and be in possession of a TQS card.


TTOC’s at School District No. 85 can work up to 4 – 5 days per week. Resumes are being accepted for all grade levels as well as the specialty areas. For Teacher on Call hiring, School District No. 85 uses the Make a Future website. You may apply online clearly stating that you are applying for a Teachers Teaching on Call position. Alternatively, you may send your resume and application form to:

Rena Sweeney, Assistant Superintendent
School District No. 85 (Vancouver Island North)
P.O. Box 90, Port Hardy, B.C. V0N 2P0
Email: rsweeney@sd85.bc.ca