Students at Sea View School were presented with the opportunity to name two humpback whales that have been seen daily in the inlet in front of Port Alice over the past month. Whiskers, a known humpback whale to the Marine Education and Research Society based out of Port McNeill, was recorded in our inlet with a new calf. On several occasions, these two whales were also spotted with a third whale who was documented as BCX1100. The MERSociety was alerted to these whales and presented students with the opportunity to give nicknames to these two whales.

The students had an opportunity to Skype with The Marine Detective herself, Jackie Hildering, while she was on the water performing humpback research. They discussed the most identifiable features of the two whales and how nicknames were like a clue for who the whale was. Students were able to ask questions, gain valuable information and thank Jackie for this opportunity.

There is no way we can capture the story any better than it is explained in the link below. Please take a minute to read how students decided to name these two humpback whales, Poseidon and TERRY!

A Whale Named Terry