We want every student to have a successful school experience. The following are some ways you can help build your child’s confidence:

Encourage “personal best”. Encourage your child to do their best in school and at home. Remember that “personal best” does not mean “perfect” and learning is not the same as high grades. Children, like adults, need the freedom to make mistakes and to learn from them.

Make Learning a Priority. Your attitude toward school attendance, education and involvement in the school leaves a strong and lasting impression with your child.
– Ask about school each day and ask to see their classwork.
– Have them read aloud and encourage discussion of new ideas and opinions.
– Show appreciation for good efforts and offer suggestions in a positive way.

Incorporate Strategies to Improve Performance in School.
– Set up a homework area away from noise and distractions and schedule study times.
– Post a family calendar that schedules project deadlines, exam dates, report card dates and after-school activities.
– Read their assignments and proofread before writing the final draft.

Support 100% Attendance. Some absences are unavoidable but taking students out of school unnecessarily can be disruptive for learning.

Help Set Goals. At the beginning of each term, help your child identify three or four specific goals. Put the goals where they can be frequently seen, such as the refrigerator.

Get Involved. Attend school activities such as open houses, parent/teacher interviews and Parent Advisory Councils meetings. When your children see you involved, they will also see education as a high priority. Interpreters are available for parent interviews.

Make Direct Contact with the School. Try to make early and positive contact with your child’s teacher. We encourage you to visit the school or phone your child’s teacher with any questions or concerns.

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