Did you know that teachers can use “short excerpts” of copyright-protected works in their lessons because of the fair-dealing provision in the Copyright Act?

Did you know that, as a teacher, if you fail to follow the Fair Dealing Guidelines, you are at risk of copyright infringement – and you, your school and your school board can be held responsible for damages?

The Fair Dealing Decision Tool helps teachers decide whether “fair dealing” permits classroom use of print materials, artistic works, or audiovisual materials without first getting copyright permission. The tool helps teachers determine whether a specific intended classroom use is allowed by the Fair Dealing Guidelines

Teachers and Copyright – Fair Dealing Decision Tool

Fair Dealing Poster

Consumables Poster

British Columbia Teachers’ Federation

Vancouver Island North Teachers’ Association

New Teachers and Teachers Teaching on Call Handbook

The Network of Performance Based Schools is a voluntary action research community designed to improve student learning and to strengthen public education. Network schools represent the diversity of public education in BC with small remote rural schools, large urban secondary schools, schools serving vulnerable populations and schools in affluent communities, all being part of this learning community.

The Learning Links for Students page contains links to many educational websites that may be of assistance to teachers as well as students.

Information for Kindergarten to Grade 12 Teachers – Ministry of Education

Road Safety for Educators has free learning resources developed to teach B.C. students road safety skills and awareness.

The SOGI 123 website is a resource to assist in helping school districts and educators to build inclusive environments for students of all sexual orientations and gender identities.

CODE BC is a website that aims to connect British Columbia teachers to a wealth of grade-level appropriate, cross-curriculum coding and computational thinking resources. 

The Community Learning Network is a website offering a collection of learning resource links organized by subject area, theme or area of interest. This site was designed for teachers to integrate online resources into their classroom but is also valuable for any one who embraces learning.

Remembrance Day in Canada is a book written by an Ontario teacher who wanted to explain Remembrance Day to K – 3 children in words they would understand. The author’s website, contains teacher resources and other information about Remembrance Day.

The Science Fair Foundation of British Columbia is inviting youth ages 12 to 24 to participate in the 2020 Youth Innovation Showcase.
For more information, check out the following:

Science Fair Foundation – Letter for Schools
Youth Innovation Showcase Poster

Supporting Educators in Selecting Mental Health and Substance Use Resources