A Graduation Program charts the course students follow upon entering Grade 10 until graduation. During those years, they will be acquiring credits toward graduation and establish goals for their transition to post secondary training or the world of work. The focus during these years is on gaining the credits and skills students will need to pursue their aspirations after high school. Students and parents need to learn about the Graduation Program.

To succeed, students must familiarize themselves with requirements and opportunities. This page offers links to resources that can help you learn about the Graduation Program and what it means to you.  The Grad Planner summarizes the key aspects of the Graduation Program. It also contains many links to help you navigate your graduation course.

Preparing now will help ensure you get the credits you need to achieve your goals. For more help, talk to your teacher or school counsellor.

Grad Planner 2021/2022

BC Dogwood Planner 2021/2022

B.C. Graduation Program Implementation Guide – effective July 2019

BC’s New Curriculum