The purpose of the First Nations Education Council (FNEC) is to be the voice for students of Aboriginal Ancestry (includes First Nations, Inuit, and Metis), their families and School District No. 85 (Vancouver Island North). The FNEC works in full partnership with the School District to support and guide Aboriginal Education Services. The FNEC ensures the provision of ongoing comprehensive support and services relative to the needs of Aboriginal students and to make certain sensitivity and respect for First Nations’ priorities and perspectives.


  • Two (2) representatives designated annually by chief and council
  • Two (2) School District No. 85 Trustees
  • Two (2) members from Sacred Wolf Friendship Centre
  • Two (2) parents of First Nations students (may not be employees of School District No. 85 or contract workers) appointed by FNEC
  • One (1) First Nations Elder selected and appointed by FNEC (rotational basis)
  • Two (2) representatives from School District No. 85 senior management


  • One (1) school based Principal or Vice Principal
  • One (1) First Nations Education Teacher (appointed by VINTA)
  • One (1) First Nations Support Worker (appointed by CUPE)
  • First Nations District Principal
  • One (1) representative of Ministry of Child and Family Development (MCFD)
  • One (1) representative from North Island College (NIC)
  • Culture/Language Advisors, First Nations Parents, and other stakeholder guests can be invited by FNEC as required.