School District No. 85 (Vancouver Island North) offers enhancement programs to all students of Aboriginal Ancestry: First Nations, Inuit, and Metis.  In addition, Aboriginal Programs provide opportunities for all schools and students to enhance their understanding of Aboriginal culture.

Aboriginal Program goals served through School District No. 85 are:

-The recognition and honoring of Aboriginal culture, history and values;
-To increase the level of academic success for our students;
-Inclusion of Aboriginal content in all subject areas and at all grade levels; and
-To work together to foster success for Aboriginal students through relationship building and partnerships with parents, families, and communities.
-All partners are committed to providing Aboriginal Students with a high level of support and resources that encourage Language Revitalization.

2018 - 2023 Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement 3

2011 - 2017 Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement 2

2005 - 2010 Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement 1

2018 - 2023 Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement Poster

2016 - 2017 Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement Report

Our Team

Aboriginal Education utilizes targeted funds to support both school and district based initiatives and includes 19 positions across 10 schools:

-Aboriginal Youth Worker (1)
-Connections Worker (2)
-District Principal (1)
-Education Assistants (5)
-Home School Coordinators (2)
-Language and Cultural Worker (1)
-Language and Cultural Teacher (2)
-Secretary (1)
-Support Worker (4)

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