Fort Rupert Elementary dancing with Mocassin Trek……….

Mocassin trek is hands-on interactive workshops and storytelling for children and youth of all ages! Storytelling, Métis Jigging, Powwow Dancing, HipHop and Traditional Drumming and Dancing. Each session is designed to emphasize interaction, participation, dialogue and education in a lively, creative environment. The bottom line is fun! It is to preserve the language, culture and Read More …

Culture class at Cheslakees Elementary School displaying beautiful artwork created by kindergarten students…….

Kindergarten students and Mrs. Randall, from Cheslakees Elementary School, are looking at the framed photos of kindergarten students wearing traditional Aboriginal clothing.  Some of the dolls wearing blankets were sewn by the kindergarten students and were completed today.  This beautifully displayed at Cheslakees Elementary School in Port McNeill.