Criminal Record Review

All non-teaching employees and uncertified teachers on call must submit to a Criminal Record Check before they can commence work. An external agency undertakes the Criminal Record Review Program.

Electronic Criminal Record Check (eCRC) Online Service
The Ministry of Justice provides an electronic Criminal Record Check service. Criminal Record Check applications are completed and submitted electronically. The Ministry charges a $28 fee for this service. Applicants can choose to pay the $28 during the application process using a personal credit card, or can choose to pay the School District directly by cash, cheque or money order made payable to School District No. 85.  Please contact Christine Ley at the School Board Administration Office via email or telephone (250)-949-6618 ext. 2235 to receive a web link and a personal access code in order to complete the CRC online application. Once applications are submitted, results will be forward to the School District Office within approximately one week.
Volunteers (not in a paid position) at schools must complete the RCMP criminal record check process. Please see the last section below.

eCRC Submission Instructions
New and prospective employees must contact the School Board Office to receive an access code and the link to the secure website for Electronic Criminal Record Check applications.  Once online, applicants will be prompted to enter the access code provided to them, and then to enter and verify their personal information. It is VERY IMPORTANT that the applicant enter their personal information accurately and completely. Please click here for a further instructions.

Information for School Volunteers
Every person who wishes to volunteer in a school must obtain a criminal record check completed by the local R.C.M.P. The completed form must be provided to each school where the person wishes to volunteer. The R.C.M.P. may charge a fee for this service. The Board requires volunteers to obtain a new criminal record check every two years.