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Employee Health & Safety Manual

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Health and Safety Forms and Resources

Asbestos Survey and Assessments:

A.J. Elliott Elementary                       - August 2009
                                                             - March 2016
                                                             - November 2016
Alert Bay Elementary                         - July 2009
                                                             - November 2016
Cheslakees Elementary                    - July 2009
                                                             - November 2016
Coal Harbour Elementary                 - July 2009
                                                             - November 2016
Eagle View Elementary                     - July 2009
                                                             - November 2016
Fort Rupert Elementary                    - July 2009
                                                             - November 2016
North Island Secondary                   - July 2009
                                                            - November 2016
North Island Secondary Shop         - November 2016
Port Hardy Secondary                      - July 2009
                                                            - November 2016
Port Hardy Secondary - Daycare    - July 2009
                                                            - November 2016
Robert Scott Elementary                 - July 2009
                                                            - March 2016
                                                            - November 2016
Sea View Elementary                       - July 2009
                                                            - November 2016
Sea View Secondary                        - July 2009
                                                            - November 2016
Seaview Activity Centre                   - July 2009
                                                           - November 2016
Port Alice Maintenance                  - July 2009
                                                          - November 2016
Port McNeill Maintenance             - November 2016
School Board Office                       - July 2009
                                                         - November 2016
Sunset Elementary                        - July 2009
                                                         - November 2016
TACAN Trailor                                - November 2016
TACAN Shop & Office                   - November 2016
Woss Elementary                          - July 2009
                                                        - November 2016

Automotive Lifts
Employee Operator Training Log
Student Operator Training Log
Monthly Inspection & Maintenance Checklist

Bullying and Harassment - Policy, Forms, checklist
Respectful Workplace Policy - PM 4-80
Workplace Bullying and Harassment Report Form
Worker Checklist - Bullying and Harassment
Documenting Incidents of Workplace Bullying and Harassment
WorkSafe BC OHS Policies on Bullying and Harassment

Ergonomic (MSI) Resources
WorkSafe BC - MSI Risk Factor Identification
WorkSafe BC - Common MSI Risk Control Options
WorkSafe BC - MSI Risk Factor Assessment

Exposure Control Plans, Protocols and Resources 
Pandemic Response Plan 
SARS Protocol
WorkSafe BC - Controlling Exposure to Infectious Disease

District Wide Emergency Fan-Out Revised October 2016
Manual - Facility Role Call and Status Procedures
Emergency Preparedness flip chart updated Oct 2016
Port Alice - NISS Bus Notification Fan out chart
Manual - SD 85 Developing an Emergency Plan for Schools Guide

Fall Protection Resources
WorkSafe BC - Introduction to Personal Fall Protection Equip.
Ladder Safety - Employer Responsibilities
Ladder Safety - Worker Responsibilities
High Pressure Washing - safe work practices

Indoor Air Quality Reporting
Indoor Air Quality Problem Reporting Form
Indoor Air Quality Inspection Checklist (for Maintenance)

Injury Reporting and Investigation - Forms and Resources
First Aid Record - Form 55B23
Employers Report of Injury - Form 7
Workers Report of Injury to Employer - Form 6A
Employer Incident Investigation Report
Guide to Completing an Employer Incident Investigation Report

Maintenance Work Requests
Standard Maintenance Work Request Form 
Standard Maintenance Work Request Form Fillable

New & Young Workers Orientation
New Employee Memo
Employee Orientation Checklist

Noise Control Resources
WorkSafe BC - Public School Noise Exposure

Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment Template
Link to Assessing Risks WorkSafe BC

Return to Work Forms
Return to Work - General
Return to Work - Bus Driver
Return to Work - Maintenance
Return to Work - Mechanic

Return to work - Custodian
Return to Work - Clerical
Return to Work - Teacher
Return to Work - Education Assistant
Return to Work - Noon Hour Supervisor

Violence in the Workplace - Resources & Forms
Board Policy 5-150 - Violence, Intimidation & Use of Weapons
Incident Investigation Form
Incident Report Form
WorkSafe BC Bulletin - Preventing violence-related injuries
WorkSafe BC - Domestic Violence Risk Assessment Tool
Sample Violent Risk Assessment 

Water Testing 
Water Information and Samples 

WHMIS - (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System) 
How to Access WHMIS Training

Working Alone or In Isolation - Procedures, Forms, Logs
Working Alone - Procedure and Form
Working Alone - Log for Check-in

Worksite Inspection
Worksite Inspection Checklist


Employee Family Assistance Program

The FGI benefit plan provides confidential counseling, information, and referral for any personal problem that may affect your family life, your work life, or your general well being (available to employees and immediate family members who permanently reside in the employee's household). Your employer is never informed of who uses FGI.

For more information 24 hours a day, call 1-800-363-3872, or visit the FGI website: