Fort Rupert Elementary School Pancake Breakfast fundraiser ……….

Today, Thursday, March 29th, the Fort Rupert Elementary School PAC had their pancake breakfast fundraiser for Grade 6 & 7 students headed to Camp Homewood.  This is always a great fundraiser as it brings the community and families together to have breakfast shown by the wonderful attendance of parents, students, staff, and community members.  Breakfast is often described as the most important meal of the day, and rightfully so -- it not only provides important daily nutrients such as protein, fiber, calcium and carbohydrates, but it also helps improve school performance, allowing students to do better on tests, according to the Food and Nutrition Service.  A good breakfast fuels you up and gets you ready for the day. In general, kids and teens who eat breakfast have more energy, do better in school, and eat healthier throughout the day. Without breakfast, people can get irritable, restless, and tired.