Cultural Celebration – G̱wa̱myasa̱p̕a

Preparing for and participating in our winter G̱wa̱myasa̱p̕a has given all members of the Eagle View community opportunity to come together for a unified celebration of our learning about Kwakwaka’wakw culture. The collective contributions of students, staff, families and community have helped strengthen our foundations for continued learning from and with one another. It is these relationships that will help us overcome obstacles and develop a shared vision of the aspirations for our learners. Having recently experienced the power of a collective approach to our cultural celebration it is with a renewed sense of purpose that I seek to strengthen and grow these relation-ships. The past few months have seen students and staff focused on learning goals and working hard to achieve them. It is our collective professionalism that drives learning at Eagle View and we continue to accept responsibility to find success for all learners. With the arrival of spring we have evidence of new growth at all turns. G̱ilakas'la, Mr. Deacon.

On Thursday, March 15, Eagle View Elementary School was fortunate to hold our annual celebration at the Fort Rupert Big House.  Led by Harold Nelson, Pauline Johnson and Bea Wadhams, the event was a huge success with many visitors in attendance.  Weeks before the event, staff and students kept busy making gifts and giveaways for attendees, and everyone was treated to a spaghetti lunch. Thank you to the Kwakiutl First Nation for allowing us to celebrate at their Big House.