Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (S.T.E.M.)………..

Eagle View Elementary School hosted this year's School District No.85 S.T.E.M. challenge for 200 students in attendence.  The challenge was for each team to create two tools to assess the general health, biodiversity and stock assessment for the Quatse River Estuary.  Each team was given a package consisting of red solo cups, paint sticks, rope, tape, elastics, etc.  Out of the 39 teams who attended (one from Gold River) three teams came out on top:

Top Design: Fort Rupert Elementary School
Most Innovative Design: Sea View Elementary Junior Secondary School
Top Overall Winner: A.J. Elliott Elementary School

Prizes were donated from business' in the north island with the winners of the iPad was won by Sydney from Sunset Elementary and the Bose speaker was won by Kieran from Fort Rupert Elementary.

Industry professional judges who took time out of their busy day to support and choose the winners were greatly appreciated at this event.