Lahal Tournament in Port Hardy…….

On April 24th, 2018 at the Civic Center in Port Hardy, School District No. 85 hosted the annual Lahal Tournament with 8 schools in participation and teacher Mr. Harold Nelson leading.  Sunset Elementary, North Island Secondary, Port Hardy Secondary, Eke Me-Xi Learning Center, Eagle View Elementary, Fort Rupert Elementary, Gwa'Sala-'Nakwaxda'xw First Nations School and K'ak'ot'lats'i School were the participating schools with each team having a maximum of 20 players. The results are in and Sunset Elementary School took 1st Place.

An Alert Bay Elementary School student wrote an article on the Lahal Tournament as he was a pivotal leader in helping Sunset Elementary School win gold.

The Lahal Tournament in Port Hardy written by Nic Conway (Alert Bay School).

I was asked to help mentor Sunset Elementary School for the Lahal Tournament that took place at the Port Hardy Civic Center on Tuesday April 24th.

During the tournament, I helped teach them how to play Lahal. They knew the hand motions, but they were different at the tournament, and myself and other teams helped them out, and they learned quickly.

I helped sing, because they didn't know the songs well. They gained courage and sang louder when I sang with them.

They also chose me to be the pointer for the team, because in the first round I was the pointer and our team did really well, so I shared the responsibility and pointed whenever team members did not feel confident.

We played 6 games, and we won 4 games and lost two, but won the entire tournament. I had a good experience and made a lot of new friends with the students in other schools and at Sunset.